"Belchin Park" offers to its guests pleasant atmosphere and various opportunities for recreation and amusement activities around the mineral water swimming pools of the complex in combination with the healthy climate and magnificent views to the Rila mountain and the valley of Palakaria river, as well as the healing effects of the thermal waters of the region.

"Belchin Park" amusement complex is located 500m before the entrance to the village of Belchin. The complex consists of a large mineral water swimming pool, two children's swimming pools and playground, volleyball and basketball field, a snack-bar and restaurant. Summer working hours: daily 9:30-18:30 h.

The area around the village of Belchin is distinguished by its potential in thermal waters and in the geothermal energy that can be extracted from them. The favorable geographic and natural environment of the area in combination with the availability of healing mineral waters creates conditions for its successful development as a health-climatic and balneology center. The temperature of the springing waters is 40-41 °C and they have a characteristically mild and pleasant taste. The mineral springs of the Belchin Baths were caught in pipes in 1932, and the first research done on the mineral waters dates back to 1903.

The thermal waters in the Belchin have low contents of dissolved substances (about 300 mg/l), bicarbonate-sulphate-sodium composition (HCO3-SO4-Na), increased fluoride contents (about 5 mg/l) and silicon, a high pH (about 9.7), and well expressed reduction properties. The balneologic studies and assessments prove the healing and prophylactic effects of the geo-thermal waters in cases of disorders of the locomotory organs (of inflammatory, traumatic, and neurogenic nature) as well as of the female sex organs and the skin. It has been established that washing (irrigating) procedures and manipulations can have a keeling effect in cases of inflammatory deceases and processes in the throat, the cavity of the mouth, the nose, the sinuses, the ears, the rectum, and the genital organs. Drinking dosage procedures and programs are recommended in the event of deceases and discomforts of the digestive, the urino-genital, and the metabolic systems as well as for the purposes of the general purification (sanitation) of the body organism. The increased content of fluoride in the thermal waters of the Belchin may be taken into consideration in relation to the prophylactic programs against the caries of the teeth and osteoporosis. The high alkality of the water in combination with the peloid (mud therapeutic) substances provides a wide scope for balneo-cosmetics too.