About the "Renaissance of Belchin" Foundation

The "Renaissance of Belchin" foundation was founded on 27th July, 2007. The main goal of the organization is to aid and to assist the local natural and legal persons who carry out activities in the territory of the village of Belchin in their efforts towards the development of the Belchin Baths settlement and their popularization and transformation into a European level resort complex.

The Foundation carries out and assists in the carrying out of various activities in the territory of the village and to the Паметник, Белчин benefit of the local people. Among these are the carrying out of archeological excavations at the site of the fortress /ancient settlement/ of "Saint Spass" near the "Saint Petka" church; the restoration and erection of cultural monuments; the help in the maintenance of the reading house of the village of Belchin and of its book-stock; the assistance to aged and lonely people and the feeding of the socially weak; the organization of local festivals that are traditional to the Паметник, Белчин заря village of Belchin, and the renaissance of local traditions; the preservation of the ecologically valuable assets of the locality, and the development of eco tourism by creating eco paths, and many other activities.

The first step after the creation of the Foundation was the opening in the month of August, 2007, of an internet cafe which made truly happy many youngsters in the village. The Foundation invested in the archeological excavations of fortified village and early Christian mission centre from IV-VI c. on the "Saint Spass" hill above the village of Belchin.

The cultural development of the village is further supported by the construction of a monument on the central square to the honor of those native residents of Belchin who died during the Balkan war and the two World wars. Its inauguration on September 22, 2008 is associated with one of the most important dates in our recent history - 100 years since the proclamation of the Bulgarian independence from Turkish power.