"Momata" Roman Sarcophagus

Certain archeological monuments in the area testify of the place being inhabited as early as the times of the Roman epoch. Such is the monument "Momata" - a granite sarcophagus of the Roman epoch in the "Saint Rangel" locality. There were there an ancient consecrated ground and a church. The sarcophagus itself is an interesting and unique monument, hewn out of two monolithic stone blocks, each waiting about 2-3 tons. Its dimensions are 2.80 m. by 1.70 m. and it is shaped as a temple with a double-slope roof decorated with acroteries on the corners. It is almost entirely preserved. It stands on a place where it was covered at the beginning of the 20th century by a mound heap. Currently, this monument stands isolated in fields with cultivated areas and outside the context of its functional purpose.