Nature in the area around the village of Belchin is clean and attractive, and there are mineral waters with proven healing and prophylactic properties available. The valley of the river Palakariya is characterized by its varied mountainous and flat country surface, the availability of many and varied forested areas, and a pleasant and wholesome climate throughout all the seasons of the year. The cultural and natural features of the area make it attractive for the development of various types of tourism - village, natural, recreation, religious, and extreme types of tourism. The mineral waters and the clean and well preserved nature are an appropriate basis for organizing of sports and health restoration activities. Also planned is the creation of eco paths intended to connect Belchin with the nearby villages and to combine the exposition in a suitable manner of the most interesting cultural and historic sites of the entire area. The geographic situation of the area between the traditional seasonal inhabiting (a villa zone) in the Yarema and the well developed winter resort Borovets pre-determines the stimulation of its development as a recreational zone offering relatively easy tourist routes at an altitude of up to 1,050 m above the sea level with valuable sites from the cultural heritage and possibilities for relaxation in the mineral waters of the Belchin Bath.

In order to realize this potential, concrete steps were undertaken in partnership with the "Renaissance of Belchin" foundation and the local authorities. In 2007, the medieval temple of "Saint Petka" was restored. The temple is of exceptional artistic value and has been awarded the status of a 1st class cultural monument. The ethnographic museum was created ad a branch of the history museum of the town of Samokov; the archeological excavations of the "Saint Spass" hill have been given assistance. There is partnership with investors who are to realize the project for eco paths and cultural tourism routes in the areas of the villages of Belchin, Allino, Relyovo, and Klissura. Under way and awaiting financing are projects related to the improvement of the infrastructure of the villages. The "Renaissance of Belchin" foundation financed the planning and construction of a monument in the centre of the village to the honor of those native residents of Belchin who died during the Balkan war and the two World wars. Its inauguration on September 22, 2008 is associated with one of the most important dates in our recent history - 100 years since the proclamation of the Bulgarian independence from Turkish power.

A new amusement complex "Belchin Park" was officially open in the summer of 2008, offering a large mineral swimming pool, two children's swimming pools and playground, volleyball and basketball field, a snack-bar and restaurant. The complex provides various opportunities for recreation and amusement in a pleasant atmosphere in combination with magnificent natural conditions at a 1-hour drive from Sofia.