The village of Belchin is nestled in the picturesque valley of the river Palakariya between the Rila and Verila, and the Vitosha and Plana mountains. Belchin Renaissance It is situated 50 km away from the capital of Bulgaria, at a distance of only 15 minutes away from the resort complex of Borovets. The village is characterized by its exceptionally mild and healthy climate and its beautiful natural scenery. The area is distinguishable by the presence of mineral waters with proven healing and prophylactic effects. Belchin is located in the immediate proximity of various tourist routes with ecological, natural, and cultural features. In 2007, the medieval temple of "Saint Petka", which dates back to the 13th-14th century, underwent restoration and was declared to be a national monument of culture of the 1st class. The remains of a fortified village and early Christian mission center from the IV - VI century on the "Saint Spass" hill above the village testify to the rich history and culture of the population in these lands.

A new stylish hotel has been opened in Belchin village - Belchin Garden Hotel.